Gelato Stateside

Alrighty, so there is good gelato in the US these days and it can be found at Gelateria Naia. I wouldn’t go so far to say it supplants the Italian/Slovenia/Croatian stuff that I can’t get enough of when I’m over there, but it does go quite a ways to sate my gelato and ice cream needs. It fits in somewhere between how the Italians do gelato and how the Germans do it. It’s not crazy creamy, but that might be due to the fact they aren’t adding spodamoofagumadrax and whatever other chemicals that may be lurking to create the said creaminess. Beyond the texture, their flavors are simply, da bomb.
I am glad these places exist because they give a chance for the complete and utter stoner to find ample work. Like the kid who waited on us at the location in Downtown Berkeley right by the Bart. Giving me 50 cents in change was a pretty big challenge, but hey, I’m glad the fellow tries. That’s all we can do in life really is try. God bless us all, everyone.