Gee, Nice Fly-By

I’m poking around Google Map in their satellite views section, which is pretty damned cool. I get bored of looking around the USA and staring at the top of my apartment, so I go and look at where I spent my last vacation. When I zoom in on Venice I can see very clearly where I stayed when I was there. Kinda hard to describe, since they don’t include street names, but it’s in the middle of that middle canal that joins the two main ones. That’s a pretty impressive shot. I wish we had had this with us when we got in there at 23:00 and had no clue where we were going because the water taxi driver dropped us off on the wrong side of the island. Oh well, live and learn. Bring a map the next time.
Onward I went to some of the areas in Croatia, which don’t show up as well. That’s not surprising, since it’s a slightly less frequented area. For instance, Rovinj is something of a hazy blur. Look in my Photos area if you want some more detailed pics of that lovely place. Dubrovnik, much like Venice has very good resolution, although these shots must have been taken sometime outside of summer, because the Stradun (the main street through the center of town) is empty and from the end of May through the beginning of September, that is one packed place, although there appear to be people on the beach at Ploce to the right. It’s pretty recent otherwise, because the Hilton a little to the left looks to be completed and that only happened a few months ago.
The we come to where my hotel was in Zagreb. If you can see it, the street I was on was one block to the right of that main park on a street called Petrinkska. It’s a nice place, which is unfortunately obfuscated by some massively low lying clouds. Nice job guys. Where on earth did this shot come from? I think it’s ironic that the shots of San Francisco, the city of fog as it gets dubbed, are much, much clearer than this. But, for what it’s worth, there’s Zagreb. Enjoy!