Gay Pride Kinda Sucks When You’re Driving

You know that feeling, when you realize that your forgot about a parade across the main street of town and then that feeling when you remember that the parade started at 10 AM and it’s now 3 PM and then that other feeling when you get close to the street you’re going to cross to find that it’s bee shut off and then that other feeling when you remember that it was Gay Pride day and that’s what the parade was all about? Don’t know that feeling? Good!
That’s one thing that you always have to watch out for in SF. On any given weekend, there is some kind of parade that is shutting down Market street, which in effect pretty much bisects the town because of what an important street it is.
I don’t know why they always do it there and I don’t know why people usually get caught up in them, but they do and we do, so that’s how it goes. I guess it better than how I used to just hide inside in Berkeley whenever a football game was in town, since that always dominated the entire place. At least SF parades are somewhat localized.