G4TV. The Next Quokka?

Because of the bits on YouTube yesterday, I started prowling around some of the links, especially for those Star Trek spoofs. These took me to a site I have just started to read about called, G4TV.
From what I can gather, G4TV is a video game site that seems to be turning in to a video delivery site. But, it’s not just any video delivery site. It’s all about getting videos for your Video iPod. Despite widespread adoption of the iPod at large, the Video iPod hasn’t garnered near as many users. Sure, they’re selling them like crazy, but not all of us want to watch video on a tiny little screen. I’m a gadget fiend and I’m not pushed to give up my green iPod Mini and move in to the video world. Now, if the rumors are true about Apple developing a new video iPod that turns the screen long-wise, then we might be talking. Until then, I’m fine as are a lot of people.
I bring this up because G4TV is attempting to ply a commodity to a very limited market. It is true that this market will grow in some way, but I wonder if they’re in the game just a little too early. It seems a lot like Quokka which has long been dead, but was a broadband sports website. That site being launch in 2002 would have been good. Launched in 1999 (I think…), it was bad.
Few of us had broadband back then and those that did, didn’t have the fastest of speeds. Quokka met the common fate known to so many former Web 1.0 companies and died out. Of course, it’s unfortunate because now, it probably would have done quite well. ESPN seems to hold that share quite well today. No doubt they learned a bit from Quokka.
So, I wonder if the same fate is going to befall G4TV? I think the only thing that’s different is that they are plying to an affluent, techno market where many already have the delivery device. It still seems a bit too ahead of the curve though. Now, if they’re being backed by a larger group like the lovely pan-omni-megopoly, News Corporation, they might be able to sail along for awhile and seize the market. They’ll have to be quick adopters of multiple technologies though, as I see the iPod’s share of the market going down over the next year (cheaper and just as good devices integrated with Windows are coming out in a big way) and commiting yourself to a singular platform like this is dangerous to say the least.