Fun with IMDb

Some time ago I realized that the identifiers on IMDb were really just a number that keeps increasing by one for each new person entered. My profile is a number that is a great deal smaller than those for people I’ve entered on films I’ve done. This is because I got in to the system some time ago due to a film I was actually an actor in going to Sundance.
So, in thinking about this, I wondered who was at the beginning and here they are:

#1 Fred Astaire
#2 Lauren Bacall
#3 Brigitte Bardot
#4 John Belushi
#5 Ingmar Bergman
#6 Ingrid Bergman
#7 Humphrey Bogart
#8 Marlon Brando
#9 Richard Burton
#10 James Cagney

Are these the most important people in Hollywood because they were the first in the system? Who knows. They do have a massive body of work in general, so that, if anything says something. But, more than likely, the film geeks who set all of this up just starting naming off names and the pieces fell where they did.