Full Moon in Effect

I mentioned it before with Bummy Sunday this month, but I had to walk up from the Powell station back home and I realized how much this damned full moon cycle is pulling out the panhandlers, whack nuts, and crazies. If I had started out my walk with $10 in change and gave some change to everyone who asked for it on my way home, I would have had to stop in at a laundromat for another $20 in change just to keep providing the rest of the way. It’s usually never this freakin’ bad. I blame it on the lunar cycle.
Times like these remind me of why anyone who visits here always comments on the amount of homeless and panhandlers that are lying around. It is really bad. I can ignore them, but a lot of them are really agressive, following people up the street. At some point, the over the top, “Oh no, hand them money, that’s so much better than programs!” idiots are going to have to be shutupped and we’ll have to deal with this in a stronger manner. I suppose that on a good note, people can feel good when they get home and tell their friends about San Francisco.
“So, how was your trip to San Francisco?”
“Oh fantastic. I rode cable cars, ate at Fisherman’s Wharf, had something called Deem Suuum, saw men wearing speedos with meshed shirts oiling themselves, and I helped a lot of people.”
“How did you help people? You were on vacation.”
“Well, there were so many people who needed some spare change and help. So, I gave them some quarters and pointed them in the direction of the guys with oils. I feel so good about helping those in need.”