Fuck the sequel, bring on the 3D-quel

It’s always the same age-old question: what do you name your second movie in a series? That’s an easy one with something like Alien as you get your Aliens for a title. It’s also pretty simple to just put a “revenge” or a “return” in the title and presto, you’ve got your sequel ready to go. But what–if the great lords of cinematic budgeting allow it–do you call the third movie in a series? That was tough and it usually just rehashed some kind of sequel title that ended up being pretty lame or you stuck a III at the end and called it done.

This my friends has all changed with the move to having 3D films. Now, “triquels” are simply given a 3D at the end and shabam, ’nuff said. Movie companies are loving this crap as it’s revitalizing franchises that were otherwise thought dead when a good title couldn’t be thought of after a rather lackluster sequel. Ah James Cameron, bless you and your Avatar moving for bringing this new option to us.