In this article, if you read a bit of the way down, you’ll come across this bit:
“Opponents suspect another motive, pointing to a fence at the east end of Oakdale Avenue. On the other side of the fence, contractor Lennar Corp. is redeveloping the old Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and plans to build 1,600 homes. Opponents say the city wants gentrification, not real help for the poor.”
It drives me nuts when I read things like this because it’s such a double standard. It’s so easy to accuse others of gentrification in San Francisco and then on the same side of the coin, it’s so easy to accuse others of letting a neighborhood rot. This comes up time and again in this city and it’s really frustration because I don’t know what people in the crime-ridden and rundown areas want. It appears that when reading that article, if they’re asked directly, they don’t want to live in squalor and that’s quite reasonable. It’s like there’s some other group that runs around yelling, “that’s just gentrification” more often than Bush uses “terrorist” and “9/11” in the same sentence.
Maybe it’s just that The Chronicle works to find these people (or person) that’s shooting their mouth off about this so that they cover their asses and don’t get accused of being a mouthpiece for the elite in this city. Whatever the case, it has the effect of making me care less and less about these areas and that’s unfortunate because I know that even though these accusations are made, people just can’t want to live like this. Maybe they do. I don’t know. I just live in what is considered to be a fringe area that is showing some signs of the gentrifying. There still isn’t a Starbucks within a four block radius of me though and I can’t see there being one anytime soon.

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