Screw jetlag, that’s nothing. Oh, I’m sleepy and not “with it”. Yawn, yawn. Boo hoo hoo. I’ve got a serious case of whacked out freaklag after being in Europe for three weeks.
It happened last year as well when I got back, but it didn’t seem to be this strong. While I’m still getting tired at weird points of the day, it’s the fact that I’m waking up in the morning and getting frantic because I look at the date on my fancy bedroom clock and think, “Oh crap, I missed my flight.” when of course, I’ve already had my flight and am back safe and sound. Hopefully it will take less than a week for this feeling of waking up and going, “Where am I?” to go away. Not my favorite way to greet the morning. So strange, since I didn’t feel this way when I kept moving around hotel rooms on my trip.
On the plus side, it does still feel like I’m traveling, so I suppose that’s kind of a good thing, although it makes doing pitches for new jobs feel strange. Kinda like I’m working on a vacation. Eeww… What kind of vacation is that?