Freakin’ Photopalooza

Da BridgeSo, I don’t know if you’ve looked in my photos section lately, but it just grew by a large amount. After my rather kick ass weekend, I had a lot to add in there.
The Dogs Gallery gained a lot after the previously mentioned dog day out. But, also the San Francisco Gallery grew quite a bit as well. Just a lot of time out and about, avoiding the fact that 30 is happening on Sunday. Also, I had the chance to use Dinko’s pretty awesome set of lenses. Just what I needed… something else to blow money on. Dammit! And I was doing so well.
I just need to add that I apologize for what will be some odd rendering on these new shots. I finally decided that I need to bump up the photo widths from 400px to 600px, so all the new ones are kind of shoehorned in there until I can figure out how to rework the pages to fit this larger format. Then of course I need to go back and reformat the 670 or so photos that came before this so that they don’t look like arse. Sounds like something good to do while being pissy about entering my thirties.