For the Last Time, You’re not in India!

Or at the very least, wear the sweat outfit-esque sari that would somewhat match these crappy hippie pants that everyone is wearing. And no dear friends in, US America, these are not coming our way. They’re being sold by the fresh-from-China boatloads in Barcelona because poser hippies (crippies) love Barcelona. Too bad I love it more. All of you with your freakin’ balloon pants better watch out…
For the Last Time, You're not in India!

3 Replies to “For the Last Time, You’re not in India!”

  1. Thank you for bringing to light this travesty of human decision making. These make me miss Skinny Jeans.

    1. These could very well be Americans or Germans or Dutch, although the Dutch don’t buy anything when they travel, so they’re probably not Dutch now that I think about it. They could be Belgians as well, but they’re just not quite trashy enough.

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