For those dog days, pick a Summer Rose

If you’re like me, then the heat of summer can kick your ass. You need refreshing, you need cool, you need to know what the hell to do with that bottle of Martini Rosado you accidentally bought when you couldn’t see straight and thought it was Martini Rosso. If you happen to have a mother in-law like I do that prefers Martini Rosado over the Rosso and Blanco, then you know what to do with it, which is to make what I call the, “Summer Rose” cocktail:

60ml Martini Rosado
15ml lime juice (half a squeezed lime)
20ml Cointreau
20ml Gin (optional)
30ml soda water
5g granulated sugar (a small teaspoon)

Toss everything but the soda water in to a mixer with ice. Shake it well. Put the soda water in to a large cocktail glass and then strain the rest of it in to the glass. Garnish with a wedge of grapefruit or something else citric, serve, and enjoy this pink ass cocktail.

If you want it to be a bit more masculine while still staying in the closet, the gin can be added to make it a touch boozier as the Cointreau and Maritini Rosado are pretty light. Just note that the more booze, the less fresh (but more fun) it’ll be.