Flat-Out Weirdness

There I was, getting my weekly two bag loads of groceries at my local Whole Foods when I suddenly got this general feeling of overall weirdness. It was like some dopey spy movie where the main character suddenly realizes he’s being watched and he tries to get away from where he is as fast as possible.
Naturally, I’m not being watched (I think anyways…) but there was a a rather overzealous amount of magazine and newspaper reading going on around me as I left. It certainly gave that feeling like everyone was trying to blend in to the surroundings artificially, but doing it enmass. It reminded me of the scene from Hammett (not particularly good) where Hammett comes across the guy following him who is trying to hide by reading a newspaper upside down.
That was all kinda weird. What put the cherry on top of all of it was the rather large mass of transvestites that seemed to be wandering around that time of day. I’ve no clue as to why. The moon ain’t full. Of course, there never needs to be a reason for weirdness in San Francisco. It just is and that’s just that.