Five O’Clock Art Student Stoner Rock

You know how it is. You’re sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon just chilling out and having a good cheesecake when all of the sudden the loudest car stereo you’ve ever heard starts up. Ah, but the catch is that it’s not a car stereo, it’s a two waste of resources at the Academy of Art across the street playing that god-awful, noodling guitar and bass crap rock that just runs on and on forever. There’s no real melody to it. There’s no point to it. The guys playing it are obviously insanely stoned and can just go at it for hours on end. Ah, the Academy of Art, how I wish to see your sorry excuse for an art school completely collapse under the bloated weight of your bullshit faculty and curriculum.
So, what do you do? Well, you call the cops. Do they show? After two hours of listening to crap rock, no, no they don’t. So, you crank up your own music to drown this out and that’s about it. And once again, these idiot art students did not exist in my neighborhood when I moved here nearly fours years ago, but the Academy has been rather quickly swallowing up my neighborhood and turning it in to a college campus with the dumbest, most worthless students of all: private art college students.