Fit neither to stand nor sit

Admittedly, my fascination with European toilets has few limits. Really, toilets in general fascinate me through their random implementations that all generally try to accomplish the same thing.

Thus we come to the incredibly horrible shot I took with my old Blackberry in the bathroom of Rekons, an empanada restaurant in the Eixample/Sant Antoni neighborhood of Barcelona (more about the wine offer here). While the food is nothing short of addictive, the bathroom leaves much to be desired. If you look closely at the toilet, then look at the wall, and then back at the toilet, you’ll see that there is maybe about 8cm of clearance. This means that for guy needs, you can’t stand in front of it and for lady needs, you can’t sit on it. It requires a bit of sideways action, which I assume the owners are down with; damned Argentines.

There is nothing horribly groundbreaking in this type of setup as it seems that in Southern Europe, if the sewer main were to come out of the ceiling, then somehow, they’d not only figure out a way to attach a toilet to it, but also make use of it.