First calçotada of the year

First calçotada of the year

For those not familiar with the calçot, read up. They are tasty, delicious onions that you grill over a hot fire and then devour. Typically, you have them in the early Spring, around March, but they start being available now in a younger form, which allowed me to actually experience them for the first time as opposed to constantly whining about never being in Catalonia when the season is right and ultimately, the stalks are longer.

Last Sunday, we headed down to family farmhouse, Can Serra and fired up the makeshift outdoor grill. The day was nice, the wine was newly purchased from LaVinyeta and all things pointed to a wonderful experience of stripping the calçots, dunking them in some homemade romesco sauce my mother in-law made the night before, and then working to wiggle the impossibly long stalk in to your waiting and salivating mouth.

As we all worked through them, my in-laws reminisced about how long it had been since their last calçotada; years apparently. They remembered how fun it was to sit amongst strangers at some random farmhouses in the south of Catalonia, sucking down calçots, drinking some red bulk wine, and having a generally great time of it.

At this point my brother in-law chimed in that he and his girlfriend had already been to several calçotadas this year and while eating them was great fun, the dinosaur-sized farts you have afterward nearly make it not worth it.

Needless to say that while the golden memories were killed off, it all stood to remind us that this was a Catalan table and no meal was complete without some mention of bowel processes.