First Ask Who Cares?

So, I just picked up on this article over the weekend about how Van Halen will be reuniting with David Lee Roth for their tour. Now, I realize that there are a slew of Halen fans out there that are going to cheer this return to the somewhat original lineup of the group, but really, for all the rest of us, who cares? These guys had their day. We all listened to the music because it was cool at the time, but now, well, have you listened to ‘Jump’ recently? It sounds like 80’s butt rock. Really, it’s all just pretty silly crap. It’s almost fitting that Roth is back on vocals, because for VH to attempt any modest amount of decency when touring would be almost embarrassing. And why the hell are they still touring? Is it just like Stones and they want more money? If I ever got the chance to talk to Eddie about it and he gave me some ‘spirit of rock and roll’ crap, I’d break his guitar.