Firefox Update Deployment

I’ve gotta hand it to the Mozilla Foundation with how they’ve set up the updates on Firefox 1.5. The way it used to be with people having to go and pull down the update everytime it was released, was something that only geeks do, since we’re the people who constantly check on that stuff. With this new system where it just grabs it when its ready to update, is fantastic.
I’ve been watching the effect of this in various website statistic logs that I monitor. Before Firefox 1.5, the old versions would hang around forever. You’d see 1.0.6, 1.0.1, even 0.8 being used indefinitely. People never really seemed to get that there was an update available. Sad really, since Firefox just gets better with each release, especially in the OS X version.
For those who have 1.5 now, once an update is ready, it seems they download it pretty immediately. For instance, (which is the newest release as of this writing) just came out May 2, 2006, yet on one site, it already makes up 50% of all the Firefox traffic! And this for an update that is really only needed for a security fix and nothing else.
Sure, there are still the 1.0.7 versions hanging around, just like there are some Internet Explorer 4 versions hanging around as well. But, the fact that these updates happen to smoothly and quickly is a real boon to those of us in the web business. It makes it a lot easier to keep things looking good, because really, if I still had to develop stuff for Netscape 4 on the Mac, I would have shot myself very dead a very long time ago.