Fine Ballet

For those who haven’t seen Program 3 at the SF Ballet, I would highly recommend checking it out before it ends its run on the 26th of thus month.
This first piece, “Spring Rounds” is all right. I didn’t really get in to it and I didn’t care much for the Strauss piece. It seemed kind of flimsy in the first 2/3 of it and then had some good bits in the last 1/3.
The third piece, “Rodeo” is fun. It’s engaging and pulls you in to the story. Of course, the music is the same music that has been co-opted for use in the “Beef, it’s what for dinner” ads, so to disassociate it from that is really tough, but hey, it’s about cowboys (in some garrish-ass outfits) so more power to them.
It’s the second piece, “Magrittomania” which is just superb. It blew me away. The creativity and staging of it are wonderful. It makes for strong evidence that Yuri Possokhov will transistion in to being a choreographer just fine once his dancing days are over. It’s this piece and this one alone that I really recommend this performance. If you know the work of Margitte, great. If not, you’ll still enjoy it. The warped reditions of classic Beethoven pieces are also fantastic and only add to the work.