Fenton’s Creamery

It is such incredibly tasty ice cream, you won’t believe how big your stomach can suddenly become. Luckily, as one sees others getting served sundaes, splits, and scoops, of ominous portions, you realize that you might want to be careful in ordering your next heart attack.
I think the best part of this place on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland is that they make all their own ice cream and they do it honestly. There aren’t any fillers, or chemicals or other junk that shouldn’t be in ice cream, in the desserts that they serve. When you each the strawberry ice cream, you realize that the flavor comes from huge chunks of strawberries. The same goes for any of their flavors. There’s no screwing around. They give you want you want and it is good.
The funniest thing about all of it is in a place that can be so health-conscious and overzealous when it comes to counting calories, a place like Fenton’s manages to stay in business. Because, I gotta tell you, nothing is low-cal in there and don’t try and find something that may be, since it simply doesn’t exist. Yet, there are still anorexic soccer moms in there, finishing off the last drippings of a sundae that their kids didn’t eat. Why would they do this and be cast to the treadmills afterwards? Simple. It’s damned good ice cream.
Don’t know if I have a particular favorite since everything there has always been good, but the traditional sundaes are always a good bet. Also, anything with berries in it is tasty. Lastly, if you happen to like mint, get the peppermint milkshake or ice cream. Either one will knock your socks off.

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