Exterior Self Image

There are times and albeit these times are not for everyone, but there are times when people need to some how stand outside of the big ugly bag of mostly water that they call a body and go, whoa, what am I thinking? Or, in lieu of that and at a bare minimum, just look at the exterior of their car and see what that says about that.
There have been some good ones I’ve seen lately, such as the personalized license plates. One that’s in my parking lot sometimes says, “BNARDS” Now, I realize that this is probably short for Bernard’s or something like that, but buddy, your license plate reads out at Be Nards. While its infantile and childish to laugh at that, it’s still pretty damned funny. It reminds me of a sitcom bit where this guy who likes sailing gets a plate that says “Sea Lover” except that it reads out as “CLOVER”. I’m not really a big fan of the plates, except for “310H55A” Think about that one for a minute. If I ever got one, it’d just be a jumble of letters that I’d let people try and make out, just to drive them nuts.
Another one that was laughable was this wannabe thugesque black guy who was driving an Acura that had “MSKIKI” on the back. Naturally, I was staring at it and he was staring at me staring at it. I think he was rather sensitive about it. Maybe that’s what his girlfriend likes about him, since I’m assuming that that has to be her car or the guy just has one of the best senses of humor I’ve ever seen.
By the way, if you’re a middle aged, balding Korean guy and have a “Fear This” plate on the front of your car, realize that the people laughing in front of you are really laughing at you and maybe a tad frightened as your driving could be very suspect.
Overall, I’m glad I don’t have a car and I think the only thing I’d put on a car should I own one would be a Croatia country sticker that says “HR”. But even this I’d be worried about, since people would think I’m some kind of Human Resources software salesman or something and that’s just not quite the self image I’m looking to exude in my vehicle.