Explorer Stacked Block Display

I didn’t really find anything about this on the web, but found a solution to what appears to be just a buggy problem in Explorer for Windows. Yeah, big surprise, eh?
What I was doing was trying to have multiple table cells take on the display:block properties because I wanted a text link in there to span the whole cell for a button effect. Not a big deal really, since we do this all the time and it did indeed work fine… with the exception of Explorer 6.
In IE, the first row with a single cell in it worked fine. It was all the rows after that in the table which would not alter their display properties to ‘block’. I thought I was maybe doing something wrong but really, the damn thing checked out in Firefox, Opera, and Safari without a problem. It even worked for Explorer 5.2 in Apple OS X. Looked like hell overall, but the functionality was there.
So, I gave up on trying to figure out if I did anything wrong and made due with the fact that I needed to have this work with 85% of my viewing audience. The solution? Make each row a separate table. It’s a lot of wasted code and dumber than having a monkey direct traffic, but really, that was the only reasonable solution I could find. Grrr, Explorer, Grrr.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve been testing out a lot of my sites with Explorer 7 and they seem to be working fine. So, at the very least, all the broken crap in Explorer 6 is being carried up to Explorer 7 for backwards compatibility. Hoowah.