Experience Unnecessary

Friends and myself included have worked at internet (no I will not capitalize that word, get with the times MLA style guide) companies where there will be someone hired on staff who is hired just for their past experience. They may not be a good manager. They may have no talent other than being somewhere at the right place and time.
I don’t get this. It’s true that you really need to have experience to work in the net industry. I’ve got about eight years at this point. But that’s mostly experience that applies programming ability which you’ve just got to have. What I’m talking about is a pure muse-type person. A person that is brought in to be a sounding board for all things networthy.
It does initially seem like a good idea. Of course, once you realize that net reinvents itself about every year or even every six months, you have to start to ask what is the point of bringing in a piece of history? Sure, there are problems that might come up which they might be able to help guide around, but this is a type of work where you’re really making a new wheel each time you go out for a drive.
I blame the print industry for this. There are still vestigial arms of it leaking in to the way the Net does business and as a lot of companies try to be profitable in this whole Web 2.0 thing, I think they’re turning to print and some of its ideas. But this is very shaky thinking. The print industry is dying because of the web, so to look back to it in any form when working in a web-only company is a recipe for failure.
Anyways, just some rambling that occurred to me when talking to a friend last weekend that’s going nuts at his startup with that 16 hour day, seven day a week crap. Didn’t we learn? It’s all for naught. Work 40 hours a week and have a good life. That will make any company have longevity, unless of course it’s a stupid idea…