Everybody wants the booth

For the money, it is the first class seat on the Bart system. Anyone who rides Bart knows what I’m talking about. It’s the two seats that face each other, otherwise, known as a booth by some of my friends.
For me, it’s the legroom. For others, I think its space in general. Of course, if you stretch out too far, you start to drift towards the middle of the seat and if you’re not quite with it, it starts to feel like your brain has locked into the Bart controls and is somehow deciding the course and direction of the train. Not the best thing to feel as you go through the Transbay Tube as that will freak your ass out.
But, some people don’t like the booth and choose the seats by themselves. Perhaps they like a more solitary ride, as most people will do whatever they can to avoid sharing a seat, even doing the dreaded reverse ride, wherein you are looking the reverse direction of how the train is going.
Crazy business, but such is the life when you spend nearly and hour and a half of your life in the blue and silver bullet.