Ever get that my-shit’s-been-gone-through feeling?

Ever get that my-shit's-been-gone-through feeling?

Upon arrival in Paris, my checked suitcase seemed, well, odd. I mean, things get tossed a bit in transit, but it really looked weird and while I packed like an idiot due to a bunch of extra stuff I had to bring with me, it still seemed kinda bizarre.

Then, when digging through stuff, I saw the friendly note below. So, just in case you were thinking about taking a bomb on a plane, yes, they do indeed search the bags from time to time. Oddly enough Editor in Chief got her bag searched on the last trip at Paris in transit to Spain. I have no idea what their problem with her bag was, as I doubt it’s a random thing. With mine, I’m assuming it was the granola that I was bringing. When wrapped up in a plastic bag, it does indeed seem like a Weapon of Mass Consumption. Yummy go boom yeah on my tongue.