Ghana photo roundup

Now that I’m back home after a lengthy time away, I caught up on getting the photos I took while in Ghana, online. Often, we upload photos to our flickr account but these were uploaded to my personal site, where I generally upload trip photos. All of them are under the Ghana Gallery with the exception of photos from Maker Faire Africa which are all in the Maker Faire Africa set.


AccraMy photos from here are generally “okay” at best. There wasn’t a lot of sun to add any dramatic shadows to subjects and I was just getting the hang of a borrowed lens. On top of all that, I was rather timid in how I approached taking photos as I didn’t know what the generally attitude of people would be to my taking pictures. Turns out people don’t mind and so the shots from when I got back to Accra were a good deal better.


KumasiIt’s an interesting town with a lot of history and a very, very compact city center that is flooded with markets. I suppose I was a bit overwhelmed, but I did manage to get off a few decent shots here, although they were mainly of market settings as that was where I spent more of my time. Again, the sunlight wasn’t terribly complacent in getting off the best shots and so I feel like a great deal of them were flat.

On the Road

RoadI didn’t really even mean for this gallery to happen, but I got a lift from Kumasi back to Accra and it’s a pretty long ride. I ended up taking a lot of shots of the back of taxi windows where the often have funny messages, although usually they’re religious in nature. But, a fun glimpse of driving around if one is interested in seeing the fun side of taxis. Florian writes more about the phenomena.

Cape Coast

Cape CoastBy far and away my best gallery from the trip. Cape Coast is quite picturesque with a decently long history as a town that you can easily see around you. The structures left over from the Colonial days along with the amount of color in the town lend to good photos. On top of that, there is typically a mist near the edge of the town from the ocean that creates interesting shots, especially when the sun breaks through later in the day.
On a side note, I learned that under no circumstances should you take a picture of the Mighty Victory hotel that is next to Fort Victoria. I did that and a woman who I assume was the owner came running out and yelled at me how it was private property and gave me a line about, “People don’t like having their pictures taken here.” Based on her accent, she sounded much more American than Ghanaian which would explain the whole “private property” and general asshole attitude that went counter to every single other Ghanaian I met on the trip. That in combination with the fact that two separate locals told me, “Mighty Victory? They are not kind people there.” made me extremely happy to have not stayed there and I recommend for everyone else to avoid it no matter how much your taxi driver might try to push it on you.

In Conclusion

I had a great time in Ghana, but unfortunately the photos don’t showcase that as well as I’d like. I suppose it’s because I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos and I’m getting really picky about how they turn out. It’s also the case that I was in Ghana in what is considered “winter” there, so I didn’t get as much sun as would have made better pictures. On the bright side, it was quite cool and enjoyable though, which given how badly I can overheat, was probably a good thing.