Enough with Atkins already!

Everywhere anyone goes these days, you hear about this damned Atkins Diet, where you eat nothing but protein and no carbohydrates to lose weight. Then you always hear from all the people who say, “Oh I lost soooo much weight on that diet.” This is driving me insane for several reason, so let’s hopefully debunk some myths about the Atkins Diet.
One thing that people need to keep in mind is that if you shift over to a high protein diet, more than likely you are not eating as much food. I dare someone to eat as much steak as they ate in bread. If I eat too much meat, it makes me feel ill and more then likely, this is the same for some of the people on the Atkins Diet.
People also need to keep in mind that when you’re cutting out carbs, you are really cutting out a lot of your caloric intake. Look at it this way, if you are taking away half of what you eat, are you going to immediately replace it? No, probably not, which is probably one of the reasons people report such significant weight loss immediately, since they are in essence, starving themselves initially.
Another bit that needs to be thought about on this diet is the health factor. I’ve got a great diet which will help you lose weight really fast. I call it the Hudin Diet. Basically, you eat nothing and just drink water. Sound nuts? Sure, but so does eating all meat. We know that meat isn’t the healthiest thing in the world on a long-term basis. While the Hudin Diet is retarded and extreme, so is the Adkins diet when you look at it over the course of someone’s life.
So, in summation, I feel that Atkins is bad, because it:
A) Starves you.
B) Is harmful over long-term usage.
C) I’m in great shape and eat mostly bread and with a bit of cheese and fruit, which goes to point
D) This is not a good diet for everyone.