Enjoy the Jamón. Enjoy, La Cabaña.

Yeah, I know, I won’t shut up about jamón. It’s freakin’ delicious and the only place I can get it in great abundance is in Spain. This is most likely due to Spaniards loving it so much that they don’t want to export it to the US in any large amount. Now that’s a smart people.

One of the first experiences (as well as the best) that I had with jamón was at this out of the way spot in Figueres called, La Cabaña, which just means, ‘the cabin’. They make their own jamón from the regular levels up to pata negra, which is one of the highest grades (and yes that does literally mean, ‘black hoof’.) The place readily makes up for its rather odd location and basic ambiance with delicious meats, cheeses, pa amb tomàquet, and a solid list of the local wines.

It’s because of the outward appearance that a great many people would probably skip the place. Nestled between a couple of strip club/whore houses on the northern outskirts of Figueres and along the side of the highway to the French border, most people would find it about as welcoming as a gas station bathroom. Dining outside means listening to the large semi trucks rambling down the highway in front of you, but who cares and I think the jamón makes you deaf to the noise anyways, so one can just eat and enjoy.

So, after so much chatting about it, how does one find this place? This is not easy and it’s what makes the chase of this elusive house of meats so enjoyable. Their business card says, “At Kilometer 760, exit Highway Number 3 in the direction of Figueres.” but I think that only works when coming from France. Suffice to say, it’s not the easiest place to get to. For those who are bold, I believe that on Google Maps, it’s right here, but that’s something of a guess without an exact address.

Enjoy the Jamón.  Enjoy, La Cabaña.

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  1. Yes, a great place in a weird location. One note: ‘pata negra’ means ‘black foot’, for the black hoofs of the iberico pig. Duck is ‘pato’.

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