End of Ballet

Well, that’s the end of the SF Ballet this year. Here are some ballet shots from the last performance. Naturally, these are only shots inside the War Memorial Opera House. Even though it is easy to get away with, I am a good audience member and don’t take pictures of the show as they ask. I’d like to add that these shots aren’t quite up to the resolution I like these days, since they were taken with my old Sony DSC-W5 point and shoot which is a camera that is a lot easier to sneak around than the Canon. But, it doesn’t have the low light response of the Canon, so you can see the difference pretty easily.
It was a good ballet season and it’s sad that it’s over, but I suppose the group needs to tour and prep for next year. They keep a busy schedule. You’re never really far from dance here though as you can watch Lines Ballet, Smuin Ballet, countless things at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, as well as ODC, and Cal Performances. There’s an enormous list overall and these are just a few. So, happy viewing to you, unless you’re one of those devolved people who think that dance is “gay”.