Empire Plush Room

In the bottom floor of the York Hotel on Sutter Street in between Leavenworth and Hyde, sits the Plush Room (now called the Empire Plush Room for some reason after a remodel this year.)
I have to admit, it’s a pretty damn cool place. Of course, it’s a bit on the pricey side of things, since most of the shows that are there are $20 and up with a two drink minimum. That two drink minimum is rather steep as well, since there is nothing less than $8.50 on the drink menu. But, I have to admit that they mix a good drink and they are good-sized drinks. Still though, it’s hard to cough up $17 for the first round of drinks for two people.
The name is really quite accurate, as the interior of the place is very plush. From what I’ve heard, it used to be a speakeasy back in the days of prohibition and has managed to stay around and even create an ambience that is all its own. Worth a stop if you’re in the hood and want a good, albeit expensive drink.
Oh yeah, they have burlesque shows there on occassion as well – www.yorkhotel.com/plushroom.htm