Ear Wax

What is it with this crap?!! I don’t know why, but I’ve gotten suddenly irked beyond belief with ear wax and the constant need to clean it. It seems like an autonomous system like this should need little atention, but it doesn’t! It’s just always there, needing to be dealt with. Maybe I have a problem, but I’ve talked with others who don’t want to discuss their cerumen affairs publicly and we all feel the same way.
So, thank you Wikipedia for filling me in on Ear Wax. You’re a godesnd of knowledge you are; even when pumped up with erroneous info about JFK. I believed in you all along Wikipedia. I really did. Did I actually use a semicolon correctly? Regardless, it was interesting to find out so much about this stuff, but the system that’s supposed to keep everything kosher doesn’t work, i.e. moving your jaw. I talk endlessly and I eat a lot, yet all that jaw movement doesn’t seem to help. I suppose I should give up before this blathering gets too disgusting or maybe I should just move to Japan where I could experience the intimacy of a loving ear cleaning.