Dude, I’m a Five

While being a five in real life means that at best, through alcohol you might get to be a seven at a bar, in the web world, it means that you’re pretty kick ass. For those who don’t know, PageRank (oddly this is a better article than anything on Google) is the system by which Google uses to determine the “worth” of a web page when ranking their searches. They use a great number of other means to rank, but this is the one that probably gets the msot press because people can look it up.
Every so often they update their rankings. This site was a three for the longest time. That’s not too shabby, but not particularly amazing. A few days ago, it appears that they did a revision of all the PageRanks and suddenly, this site is a five. That may not seem like much on a one to ten scale, but it’s a very sloped scale. For instance, to be a one, I think you just need to have a site people can find, which isn’t too hard. To be a ten, you need to have a massive, extremely useful site. Google is a ten and just a few others. The list gets very narrow as you get closer to the top. There’s some kind of X and Y squared graph I could do about this, but really, I can’t anymore.
So booyah, welcome to the upper half of the web, www.hudin.com and www.hudin.net (also a five now). I’ve worked damn hard to get here.