Dubrovnik Revisited

So, how does Dubrovnik compare when going there at the end of May as opposed to the beginning of April? Well, it’s more crowded for sure. The tourists are coming in in throngs, but you just learn when the herds are out walking the street and you can get around them. For reference, it’s mostly the late morning and then the early evening. If you head out at times other than those, you’ll actually be able to walk down Stradun without any major headaches. Head out in the throngs though and you’ll want to start punching out the cows as they drift down the narrow streets. Of yeah, there are a lot more Americans there now, but so far these seem to be the more adventuresome souls and we haven’t gotten the doofballs from the Midwest or the snobs from the Coasts that give Americans the worst of names when traveling abroad.
The tourists aren’t the worst thing though. They pretty much just stick to the main streets like the Stradun and they don’t venture on to many of the side streets where you can still get around pretty easily. What is tough is the heat. When we were there it was about 33C (90F) which with the humidity was tough. Even our friends and the other residents had more than a few choice words about the heat because it was apparently very much out of season for the area.
Of course a lot of heat makes one thing work really well and that’s swimming. This time around, we were actually able to go in the water. It was a little cold at first, but we got used to it quickly enough. That was probably the biggest change that I was thankful for over visiting a year ago because the water is beautiful and amazing. While I’m more of a “power wader” as opposed to a strong oceanic swimmer, I could still appreciate the water and being able to see everything that was drifting past my feet.
I think we actually saw more of the places in Dubrovnik the first time we were there, but the one thing we didn’t see was the Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art which while not one of the museums like there are elsewhere in the world is an amazing building with a nice, growing collection of pieces.
We did see the Aquarium again which didn’t really change much from last year, but was a nice place to find refuge from the hot sun that was outside.
I really wish we had seen Cavtat again or Trsteno, but at the same time, it was a nice, relaxing spot in the holiday. My friend Ivana and her rooms were a welcome thing because it provided a nice base away from the complete confusion of the old town, but still close enough that we could walk there or take the very fast bus.
Needless to say, Dubrovnik is still great and while it is getting more tourists, they seem to be handling it pretty well despite that. I suppose this is the way of former Ragusa as they have always managed balance over the years, whether it be getting both the Turks & Venetians happy or just holding on to their culture with floods of Americans and Germans wandering their beautiful marble streets.