Drunky drunk at the wine tasting

I’ve really only seen this “party crowd” at West Coast wine tasting events as somehow there tend to be a lot of them (members of this crowd, not tastings). While it’s true that any new person exposed to a wine could be a potential new customer and an organic spokesperson for that wine, it’s usually the case that these people just come to the tastings to get smashed. That, is the very big down side. As these events are usually crowded and you’re trying to get through as many wines as possible, it can be quite intolerable to have someone sloshing around next to you while you’re spitting (at least most of the time).

Obviously, those putting on these events go to great lengths to try and keep them professional (or at least for those looking to taste and not treat it as a bar), but this segment always finds some way to get in due to some apparent advanced genetic slipperiness. To those that think it’s a great, free drinkin’ time, you really don’t blend in to the crowd and are spotted right away as shorts in 14C weather are a bit silly. And as to it being a fun time, I think you might disagree once you taste the hangover you get after drinking from 50 different bottles. That would be why everyone else is spitting…

Sharing a bottle in a cafe in some beach town during summer is much, much more pleasant, even though you’ll have to pay for it.

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