Drunken Ladies Want to Rumble

Had a fun party at my place the other night and as alcohol would have it, we decided that at 1:30, when we should be calling it a night, we wanted to head out to somewhere. Sure, fine, no problem, except for the one problem that everything in San Francisco is pretty much closing or closed at 1:30.

Not to be daunted by that fact, we still went out. I found out about an underground dance party that was happening south of Market, which seemed to be the only thing going on, so we headed there.

One of the girls in the group, Gwen decided that it was a fine night to party and was pretty loaded on some bizarre Martini-esque things she had been making in the kitchen. As we neared the spot of the party, she hopped out of the car with beer in hand as we cruised in.

Unfortunately, in our way to this illegal party was a goofy, bearded, hippy, drugged-out, loser freak that was trying to do crowd control outside the warehouse the party was at, but was seeming only try to control our little group of six people.

It also was unfortunately revealed to us that this party was a mighty $20 to get into it and we just weren’t quite ready to spend that much money for what would have been two hours of entertainment.

Gwen decided to explain this and also question the doofus guy about his crowd control techniques. She had an interesting way of doing this, which involved getting up in the guy’s face and not backing down with a kind of aura to her that said, “I will knock you down skinny boy.”

The guy seemed to have some wits about him as he tried to get himself out from the pickle jar he had slipped into. Ultimately this resulted in him getting down on one knee and proposing to her. All in all it was a strange displayed and we ultimately got her away from him before he did a strip tease for her or something, but there is a lesson to be learned in that you should never get between a girl who’s been drinking and her having fun.