Downtown Ljubljana to the Airport

I should have listened to my cousin, Marko and taken a taxi. I only realized this as we were coming back around on the mammoth loop that the bus from downtown Ljubljana takes as it winds out into the surrounding country on the way to the airport.
The bus is cheap (less than $5 if I’m converting correctly) but it takes awhile. I guess a taxi for a group of four probably would have been cheaper. It certainly would have been faster. I believe that it’s only a 20 minute trip that way and close to an hour on the bus.
The other big problem is that you need to get the Slovenian Tolar which is a joke of a currency. It’s about 200 of them to the US Dollar and the bus station will not take credit cards. So, you go in get 10,000 SIT, get your bus ticket and look at the rest of the currency in your hands and wonder what the hell you’re going to do with it, since London exchange agencies won’t touch the 200 SIT notes as they’re only 50p. If there was ever a country that needed the Euro, this is it. Luckily, between us, we had enough left over for lunch, which was good as we were hungry and food is very cheap there. It also “forced” us to see a bit of the downtown which was quite nice and requires more a trip sometime in the future.
The bus is definitely convenient because it’s right next to the train station, but this is also a central hub and we were unfortunate to get on the bus the same time all the school kids were and it was extremely packed with no where to put luggage.
Once again, take the taxi from downtown Ljubljana to the airport. I think things will be a lot easier, although the airport is so incredibly small, even getting there “late” won’t make it that hard to get on your plane.