Don’t you hate it

When you go out to look for this cheap cooking store on Polk and you end up walking from Sutter at Polk down to Filbert at Polk and you can’t find it and then as you walk back, you find out that it was really at Sacramento and Polk across the street from Brownies Hardware? Man, I hate that. Everytime it happens, it’s just oh so frustrating.
But actually, it was kinda freaking me out, since I was just at the place about a month ago and in searching for it, it seemed that the world had opened up and swallowed it whole. I think there may be two reason for this A) I’m out of it (completely reasonable explanation to many things) or B) it used to be about eight blocks away from where it is now.
While the store looks exactly the same, I swear it wasn’t in the 1600 block before and looking up old addresses for City Discount, it looks like it may have been in the 2400 block previously and may have moved recently. It seemed that it was by this cool French knick knack place called La Tulip Noire, but someone I feel that both the geography and spelling on that are completely wrong.
Anyways, a big mystery of life that doesn’t matter a hill of beans, since the place still appears to be there and is a great place to get quickie cooking utensils in San Francisco at really good prices. The staff are nice to you, even if you’re just buying a $2.50 tea strainer.