Dolores Park Movie Night

Dolores Park Movie Night CrowdMovie night in Dolores Park is a fun outing. The group that puts it on is made up of locals to the area and I always love seeing people care about their neighborhood and bring others together in a sense of community, whatever form that may take. This facet of togetherness appears in varying degrees in the neighborhoods around San Francisco, but is generally pretty strong, thus making San Francisco the kick ass town that it is.
The film that I saw was the tremendously fun Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the 1971 version.) It’s great because it’s a film that everyone in the audience knew, so we could all cheer it on at points such as when Willy found the Golden Ticket. The musical interludes are tad bit dated, but that’s just an excuse for drinking during those. Oh, I might add that everyone is definitely drinking. While the park officially has a “no glass containers” policy, it’s overlooked a little for that evening. On every blanket around the screen you’ll see series of bottles in differing states of being emptied. Next to these are every kind of munchie you can imagine. We had some pizza with good cheeses, and meats. Naturally, a good bottle of Croatian wine was there with us. The long trip to the Balkans is impending after all and you gotta get your palate ready.
If you go (every second Thursday during fair weather), make sure to dress warmly and bring a blanket or two. For those who for some reason don’t know, San Francisco’s Summer Nights have a mighty nasty nip to the air. Also, if the film they’re showing isn’t one you’ve seen, I’d recommend watching it beforehand. It will just improve the experience.