Dog Street, San Francisco

There may be other parts of San Francisco that have just as many canine pedestrians as Polk Street, but I have yet to find them.
As I walked the upper part of Polk (the part north of Washington) I realized that the dogs owned this place. From the sheer number of the four-legged fellows to the number of pet shops and Wags (a beauty parlor for dogs) it’s obvious why they’re there.
It’s also little wonder that you see so many dogs on a weekend as there are so many nice outdoor cafes where people can sit with their dogs and enjoy the outdoors. I’m sure most of the dogs are very happy for it after being cooped up all week in an apartment somewhere. This probably explains why I’ve never seen any dogs with an attitude around there because they’re getting some “sun time” as well as the fact most of them are fixed. You can pretty much pet all of them (owner’s permission first of course as some people get bent out of shape about this) and not have to worry about a nip or casual leg hump.
North Polk varies a great deal from where you start to get in to South Polk and the Tenderloin where the dogs there would probably sooner bite off your finger than let you pet them. They’re a tad bit grungier down in the Loin as well, albeit usually cleaner than a lot of their owners, which says a lot about some of the residents in those there parts.
But, for those who are dog fans and have to go without, it’s a nice place to get a fix of canine goodness without actually having to own one of the shed factories. The mini-dachshund I saw today couldn’t agree more although he was more concerned about not getting stepped on than giving too much attention to anyone being friendly.