Dog Day Saturday

Dog Day SaturdayOver the weekend, I met up with some friends at Boulangerie de Cole for a nice late morning eat and chat. I usually head to the Boulangerie de Polk seeing as how it is much closer to me, but as with all of these spots, I was not disappointed. They’ve got great selections of everything, especially French sweets. I mean, really, how can you beat that? Don’t try to answer because you can’t.
After a couple hours there which fondly reminded me of my Europe trip last month, I went back to the Muni to catch my “beloved” and usually late N Judah line. I didn’t take it all the way back to Powell though. I hopped off at Duboce Park.
For those who don’t know it, this is a lovely little spot. It’s really convenient to downtown, but at the same time very residential and due to that, untouristed. If you want to see SF locals, this is the spot to go. More importantly though, if you want to see the dogs of SF, this is the spot you have to be. Sure, you might get lucky at any number of the other parks we have, but I don’t know of anywhere else that there is such a concentration of doggies in such a nice space. I don’t even know if it officially a “dog park”, but it has certainly become that.
It gave me a chance to put my new 100-300mm Canon lens to the test and that it did. I got back a lot of photos that I’ve always wanted to be able to take because of this lens. People were probably starting to wonder if I had some kind of dog fetish, but really it’s just that I’m lacking a good dog in my life due to my apartment’s no-dog rule. Bummer, but it means I’m a regular at Duboce. I’m sure there must be other losers out there like me, it’s just that no one wants to admit it.
On another note, my Dog Gallery has gotten a bit larger and the Euro mutts in there have some purebred USA company now.