Doctor Geissler Pension Vienna

In a word: functional

In a few more words… Well, it’s not the worst place I have stayed, but it ain’t all that amazing. The rooms are basic, but seem to be clean. The furnishings are kinda beat and hmmm, what’s the nice word I am looking for… ah yes, “retro”.
The price wasn’t all that great at 75€ a night for a single, but I suppose this has something to do with it being Easter weekend. There are nicer places to stay fer sure, but of course the price goes up with them.
Something rather odd about them is that they have a 48 hour cancellation policy where other places that I have stayed have a 24 hour. You also need to give them a charge card number to reserve your room, which they will run a verification charge against. Pretty tough, but I suppose they must get a lot of cancellations.
So there you have it. My last hotel. Not amazing. Not terrible. Pretty damned convenient to everything in the Inner Stadt as well as being a quick sneeze from the Schwedenplatz U-Bahn.