Digital Ug

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s article, here’s another one about ugly websites and how effective they can be. It brings up some very good points about how simple and easy to use is always the best choice in design. Of course, unlike that site which is suing Google, the successful sites in this article all have massive amounts of content to them.
I remember that is was just a little time ago where people were saying that content was king and then they were saying that it wasn’t. I think the former is and will always be true. Craigslist is certainly proof of that. We all keep going back because it has what we need. I’m working to ensure that any site I create gives people exactly what they’re looking for. Even if someone just has a “Site Coming Soon” page, they should at least provide basic info like Bar Crudo does and not like (as of the time of this writing) Rye or Canteen don’t. Now if only I could figure out a way to make Cinefuse more simplistic… It will happen, mark my words. Or, actually don’t as that will leave nasty marks on your screen.