Digital Cameras will be the death of us

As I sit here, on a Friday night writing this as I watch the oodles and oddles of bits and bytes flow from one old server that I need to shut down, to a new one that people are going to use, I realize the futility of Digital Cameras. What is the problem with them you may ask? Simple, people take some bad pictures of boring stuff.
All of this is made ever so ridiculous by the fact that you can preview the photo that you’ve taken in the screen and also delete it if its garbage. For some reason though, people don’t seem to use this option. Tie into this the fact that people then get some kinf od sadistic joy in burying vacation photos deep within folders on a company machine and you start to get a bit crazed as you watch the thousands of images go by.
Don’t get me wrong, I take tons of photos myself. I just happen to look into the viewfinder before I take the photo and after taking it, it turns out looking like junk, I delete it. Oh yeah, when I get the photos off of the camera, I also go through them and toss out any that look bad. Toss into that the fact that I don’t put them on a machine and work and I’m just dandy. Of course, I’m the goober that gets to maintain all the systems, so the point is lost.
Anyways, I just have to pleed with people to realize that not everything they take a shot of is worthy of Ansel Adams and most of them should be deleted. Yes, there is a delete key on computers. Oh god, not another blurry picture of someone drunk in Cabo. Maybe I should be drunk right now. Grrr….