Die Heat Die

I didn’t really set out to paraphrase and requote Sideshow Bob, but the heat does funny things to you. For me, it’s made my head kind of split apart and make one of those big, “pfffffft” sounds like a deflating balloon. Needless to say, I don’t do well in warm weather.
Thankfully for those of us on the coast, fog, blessed fog has been rolling in a little bit and cooling SF back down to liveable terms. I assume and hope it will stay around for some time. As do I hope that the cooling trend they’re forecasting (ah, the black magic of the five day forecast) will indeed come about and my trip to Yosemite next weekend isn’t going to give me heatstroke. Because if my heatstroke looks anything like my breaststroke, there’s going to be a lot of flailing and flopping with little forward progress.
Also, I’d just like to say to all the heat junkies out there, “piss off”. You are all moping around about how much you love the heat and how great it is and why oh why does San Francisco have to be so cold (you chose to live here I might add), but now that we got heat, you’re bitching about how hot it is. It seems like most of you have a five degree band where you like it to be, somewhere from about 75-80F and anything above that hurts. Yes, I bitch about the heat too, but I hate it, which is why I live in San Francisco and I love the fog and the cold and the grey days we have. If you really like the heat, go to Oroville. They were a brisk 115F last Saturday. Tasty, no?