Did Tristan da Cunha Inspire Lost?

Through various stumbles across the interweb, I came across a ‘twit’ that was something along the lines of, “Who in the hell lives here?” If you zoom out, you’ll see that this is an island that is exceptionally remote in the Atlantic Ocean. The name of the island is Tristan da Cunha.

I’m not joking about how remote the place is. It’s 2,816km from the nearest mainland port, which is South Africa. There’s no airstrip on this island, so everything needs to be trucked out there by boat. Why on earth anyone would bother with making the trek out there? Well, amazingly, there are 271 people living on this island. And no, it’s not some lush, tropical place. It’s classified as ‘subtropical’ which means that it’s between 6-13C throughout the year, which makes it a bit colder than San Francisco and probably with fewer hipsters. Okay, there might be one as they seem to be everywhere.

As I was looking at this place and thinking about the recent episode of Lost, because really, Season 5 has been great with the time traveling and all, I wondered if the creators of the show got some of their inspiration from this island? It’s extremely remote and for the longest time, it was only found accidentally. Those people living there have been there for a long time and are completely self-contained. They won’t let anyone start living on the island and have a very closed society because of it. Of course their official website is happy to promote tourism, because hey, why not.

Anyways, for those that know Lost and feel like reading about this island, you’re bound to see some similarities. Obviously there are a great many differences as well, but I was just quite fascinated by this little place perched in the middle of nowhere.

For those of you who remember Season 1 of Lost and the horrific scenes of the Oceanic flight breaking apart in the air, this article is by a fellow who survived a similar experience on an Angolan flight that broke apart on the ground during landing. Wild crap that I hope to never, ever experience.

Did Tristan da Cunha Inspire Lost?