Death to Louie’s!

There’s a little market on my block, as there are on just about any of the blocks in San Francisco. The fact that there is only one makes me think there must be some kind of city ordinance which makes a one per block setup the limit. So, you get something like: up-and-coming/trendy restaurant, hotel, bar, market, coffee shop, apartment, repeat… This is in downtown anyways.
It’s a nice way to live though, although you can get rather insular with your life since everything you need is within the sound of a screaming crazy person. I do manage to get out of this radius quite a bit, but the convenience has made it hard. This factor has been eliminated somewhat lately due to changes; namely the fact that Louie’s, my “corner” market in the middle of the block, is no more.
It’s probably for the better really, since the guy who ran it (I believe his Americanized name was George) was one grumpy dude. Even when you tried to make small talk with him and get to know him, he was always massively grumpy. Money was something he clutched at. Whatever you bought was something that was thrown at you. Obviously, he didn’t like being there much and this was only seen in the last few days of his little place being open.
For starters, he got immensely happy when some construction started happening to the foundation of his place. It was eerie and strange. A euphoric glow took over the man and I didn’t know why, because if concrete and jackhammers were going all day next to me, I wouldn’t be a happy camper about it.
Then he started trashing his place. He looked like a kid who had just discovered what a claw hammer could do. Piles of shelving and everything started building up. He was having a clearance on everything in the store. Something was afoot and it really came to a head when the dumpster arrived outside. He ripped into everything with pleasure. It was all fair game. The shelves, the floor, the walls. He was tearing it all.
When the dust somewhat settled, George was gone. In his place were a couple of Chinese guys who tore the lath and plaster off the walls today, exposing bare brick. I’m guessing they’re going to do something with the building or they would have just demolished the structure and not shored up the foundation. But whatever the hell is going on with it, Louie’s Market is no more. George must have retired and in the process gotten a lot of ya-ya’s out of his system when his adroit participation in the demolition.