Death of Tape

I just saw an ad on MTV or VH1 or whatever for a new album that was out on “CD and double disc”. What happened to the audio tape? I guess I must have been napping for awhile or just been downloading too many things these days to notice that cassette tape has died a long overdue death. I always hated the format anyways and thought the record was much, much better. The fact it came about just for the sake of something portable was hilarious since any slight degree of heat and the tape would go to hell.
While I don’t have the time to follow up on this recent observation (nor do I care all that much as I see the CD dying soon as well), I’m just going to run with the fact that it’s true and raise my arms in a wonderous salute to the digital age. Of course, this age has come about at the cost of any rough edges being left on the albums which makes everything out there sound too slick these days. But it was a long time in coming and it seems like the record companies are embracing it–partly because they have to and partly because there may be three or four people around their offices that get how much money is saved in recording and delivery when everything is it in bits and bytes as opposed to waves and scratches.