Dear lord, don’t make me drive again

I’ve only been without a car for two months or so and haven’t really missed it other than the nice fact you can haul back more from the grocer or go wherever you want when the urge arises. But hey, I live in San Francisco and there are more than enough things to do around here, so it hasn’t been a big deal. And, if I was feeling bad about not having a vehicle, I could always go to Montgomery and California at 5 or 6 on a weekday to see how hellish they are.
So, in order to get around for Christmas, I had to rent a car. It ain’t cheap these days. It will probably run me over $100 when all said and done, which is a bit more than my flight down San Diego in a week, which is 1200 miles roundtrip. I gotta tell you though, once I got my hands on the wheel of that sporty Chevy Cavalier, it was hard to stay in the drivers’ seat…
Driving is hell. I don’t understand why I started doing it in the first place and thought that it was fine. I’m thrilled to not have a car afterall I found out. You toss trying to park in San Francisco into the mix of all the road rage and you get a very unfun activity.
In all honesty, it’s mostly the Bay Area that’s not too much fun. Everthing else is pretty straight forward, like Highway 5, which is well, just straight.
Here’s to the boy who has had a car since he was 15 saying, down with cars, down with driving, and up with public transportation!