Time for the #afroflop

Over at Le petit nègre (his title, not mine) it has been proposed to have the #afroflop awards for the worst-designed African websites on the web.

The starting point of these awards is the recognition that the majority of sites WAF [Web Africain Francophone] are supposed to lead by example but are absolutely poor in terms of design, usability and accessibility. And nothing and no one seems to do anything about it. I generalize, of course, some players try to remedy this picture, but their voices are either ignored or misunderstood.

He has initially proposed all of this in French, but I think a great deal of it carries to any other site in any other language as well. Naturally, your choices in foul design should be guided by these principles:

Is the loading time lengthy? Does the site does crash your browser?
Does the presence of Flash, Silverlight, Java, make the site more or less usable?
Is the content easily accessible and enhanced by the look of the site?

To participate in this, all you need to do is reply to @lepetitnegre on Twitter with the link and the hash #afroflop. Ah yes, you also need to specify as to which category of failure:

#load – the worst / long time to load a site
#public – worst site for a public/government institution
#private – worst private company, NGO, or other site
#biz – worst e-commerce site (including social networks)
#people – worst personal site (artists, politicians, famous character, personal blog, etc. …)
#waf – worst site overall

As he mentioned, a site can belong to more than one of these categories and a great many probably do. Also, while #waf is specific to his competition in French, I think it could easily be called the Worst AfroFlop as well, so it still works.
Anyways, just something fun that Twiga pointed out to me as it dealt with web design. And again, let me emphasize that this is not my idea, I’m just translating it. So if you’re in to it and quote me on it, quote Le petit nègre as well, since he came up with it.
Time for the #afroflop

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  1. Thanks for quoting and promoting #afroflop outside of the WAF (French African Web). My goal was to try to promote good practice and a better web experience in the WAF. But I have to rule against inserting English African Website in the competition.
    I have to admit that I was under the impression that English African Websites were better than their french counterparts but I may be wrong ;) . Anyway your all welcome to participate.

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