Damn it’s Cold up in this here Europe

As I’m making my way back via Paris today, I gotta say that this has been one of the coldest trips to Europe I’ve had. Obviously this is a no brainer given that it’s the middle of winter. It just happens that this is one of the coldest winters here in a long time. Forget about the damned rain in the plain of Spain. Let’s talk about snow. In all of Spain. And a lot of it. It’s completely screwed the incredibly screwable Barajas Airport in Madrid. Basically, when a pigeon takes a poo on the auxiliary runway, they shut down to one runway there, so you can only imagine what it was like with snow. Bad news. It made the opening disaster of Heathrow’s T5 last year look pleasant. Of course, I don’t know how bad it really is as the Spanish media blows things a little out of proportion.
But then there was the fact that it snowed in Barcelona. This is the first time that’s happened in 12 years. That makes it not quite the sunny holiday retreat so many people know it as. Of course, despite this, there were still scores of tourists as there always are in Barcelona. Still a great city despite that, although anywhere in snow can be tough to deal with. Note to self: Look in to sitting out the winters in Cape Town next time.
Probably the worst though was an abortive trip to Auchan in which the snow was dumping too much over the pass (all of a meager 200 meters) the we had to turn back. Still though, the overall trip hasn’t been a waste. I experienced a Christmas and New Year’s outside the US and we made a great many other smaller trips around the area when the weather permitted. Sure, it could have been better and the 20C+ in San Francisco would have been nice for my and #1 Fan’s birthdays, but still, an enjoyable outing to the Europe. Naturally, I wrote this before catching my flight, so talk to me once I’m back to see how the worst customs setup in the world at Charles de Gaulle went as well as the 12 hour leg from Paris to SF went.
Damn it's Cold up in this here Europe